Banrock Station Ranger - Tim Field

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Tim grew up in the South East suburbs of Melbourne where he studied Natural Resource Management.

Since 2004, Tim has worked on various conservation and land restoration projects along the River Murray and also in fox control, wildlife monitoring, threatened species management and flora surveying in Far East Gippsland. Towards the end of 2008 he accepted a job on Kangaroo Island in koala population management, and also spent some time here as a crew leader in the fire management team. During his tenure on KI Tim was also involved with threatened species and land conservation projects.

 After going on to take up a volunter position based on the Australian Antarctic division base at Macquarie Island to research and monitor Fur Seal populations, he has been warmly welcomed to Banrock Station, where we are sure, with his experience, he will be a real asset to the team! As part of his new role, Tim is excited to begin enhancing the diversity of Banrock Station through developing a more involved restoration and revegetation program, as well as looking at new ways to work towards an integrated pest animal management program on the property.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys dabbling in photography, bushwalking and camping, and loves to spend time discovering more about the country’s history.

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