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Game-changing Innovation:
Wise Wolf Wines

Banrock Station has launched a game-changing innovation in sustainable packaging for the Australian wine industry - Wise Wolf by Banrock Station made with 91% recycled glass*

Banrock Station celebrates the unveiling of Wise Wolf, marking another significant achievement in our commitment to sustainability and fostering environmental change. Beyond its green credentials, the Wise Wolf range stands out as an exceptional wine, meticulously crafted from top-tier grapes by South Australia's finest winemakers.

The uniquely designed bottle of Wise Wolf is among the most ecologically sound glass wine bottles introduced to the Australian market. In the realm of circular packaging solutions, Wise Wolf by Banrock Station emerges as a revolutionary innovation for the Australian wine sector, breathing new life into old glass.

Our collaboration with various suppliers in this venture ensured that every aspect of the packaging was conceived using the most environmentally friendly materials. This includes:
  • 91% recycled glass in partnership with Visy Glass
  • Labels derived from 100% upcycled sugarcane
  • Caps constructed with 26% fewer materials than average, featuring an anticipated 40% recycled aluminum content
  • Wine cartons fashioned from 100% recycled paper pulp

  • Wise Wolf by Banrock Station is set to debut in major retailers nationwide starting October, showcasing a Limestone Coast Chardonnay and an Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc. A Barossa Valley Shiraz will be added to the lineup next year.