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One must lead for others to follow. With every element of our packaging being made from a proportion of recycled materials, Wise Wolf is redefining the way the world can enjoy wine. We savour wine's pleasures while finding ways to reduce the impact that our products have on the environment.

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Wise Wolf is the latest move from Banrock Station to make the enjoyment of wine more mindful from grape to glass. For over 25 years, our vineyards have yielded classic blends with full flavour, while reinvesting a portion of profits to global conservation projects. This includes an investment of $7.5Million across 130 projects in 13 countries as well as the maintenance of the Banrock Station Ramsar accredited wetlands. Most recently we have concentrated conservation closer to home, planting 100,000 native trees and shrubs each year in partnership with Landcare Australia.


At Wise Wolf we believe that the packaging matters just as much as the wines that it presents and protects. As a brand, we work hard to ensure that our glass bottle, our cap, label and outer case are made using the highest % of recycled material made available by our suppliers. This in turn helps us to reduce our impact on the environment.

As the wolf is the catalyst for positive change in the wild, so too is Wise Wolf by Banrock Station the catalyst for positive change in the wine industry; inciting a revolution by reimagining the future of wine.

By taking small steps like these, we are seeking to start a vital and positive change, empowering wine lovers to make more mindful choices while pursuing life’s pleasures.

By the way, the simplicity of our site is more than a design choice. It’s been optimised to make sure you reduce your environmental impact from the moment you join the pack.